• Secure, private, completely on your terms.
    Secure, private, completely on your terms.

    Should your cloud be any different?

  • Your data, your rules.
    Your data, your rules.

    Privately attach data sets to cloud-native environments.

  • Cloud Natively.
    Cloud Natively.

    High performance datacenters, globally interconnected.

The cloud is not another destination for applications and technology;   
It's the new operating model for the modern enterprise.


Welcome to Oncore.  We simplify digital modernization with the Cloud Adjacent Method and Platform, enabling hybrid infrastructure outcomes at the edge and in-line with the overall cloud data path.  

Cloud Adjacency becomes a natural extension of the organization’s technology landscape that accelerates, enables and simplifies integration with digital ecosystems without compromising on security, governance and compliance controls.  

Oncore delivers digital services and infrastructure to organizations across compliant verticals including financial and insurance services, media, telcoretail and public sector.   

Stay above the clouds - we're partners in your digitally transformed success.