Private Storage

Oncore Private Storage

Cloud-adjacent storage de-risking residency, security, cost and
performance of enterprise data.


Policy-defined security, residency    Single-instance, multi-cloud attachment
Enterprise-ready access methods    Elastic


Data is the new gold.  Advances in data science through machine learning and analytics enable perspectives and contexts not previously available to the modern enterprise.   Cloud-native services requirecommitment of data sets to a specific provider.   Cloud storage is not typically native to the enterprise, and comes with certain unknowns creating pressures around data set privacy and cost variability.   Oncore Private Storage leverages cloud adjacency to securely, and privately attach enterprise data sets to public cloud environments.   In multi-cloud scenarios, organizations leverage single-instance storage of datasets allowing for uniform application of security and governance postures.  

Additionally, we help overcome the following challenges:

  • Establish strong technology and interconnection foundations supporting digital transformation;
  • Remove dependence on aging / EoL on-premise “private clouds” / magnetic media vaults;
  • Contain large data sets (+ growth) costs;
  • Maintain security, governance controls;
  • Control performance, placement regulatory-sensitive workloads;
  • Modernize data platform and interconnection options.

Oncore Private Storage is available in familiar block, file and object (supporting native S3) targets, supporting customer-directed encryption schemes, and attachment over private RFC1918 address space.   We maintain data residency within policy-defined geographies and host the cloud adjacent platform at industry-leading Equinix Data Center facilities.