Datastream Edge

Oncore Data and Workload Onboarding

Elastic capacity and cloud-based protection for on-premises tape libraries without complexity or physical infrastructure.  


Datastream Edge is a cloud-based solution designed to address the data storage and management needs of businesses, with a focus on data protection, backup, and recovery.  This service offers the advantages of a traditional tape library without the physical infrastructure, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.  Datastream Edge natively integrates with established workflows and data protection platforms, helping extend the value and utility of on-premises repositories supporting media, natural resources and exploration, and long-term data archives.


Use Cases

  • Data tiering;
  • Instant library capacity expansion;
  • Cloud Adjacent data caching;
  • Multi-cloud data access;
  • Cloud Storage onboarding and migration;
  • Media storage, cloud tiering and replication;
  • Offsite / Public Cloud Disaster Recovery;
  • Site-to-site migration;
  • Media conversion – physical to virtual.


  • Elastic capacity and bandwidth;
  • Rapid provisioning and scale;
  • Native LTO / Tape Library integration;
  • Integrate with public cloud storage or private cloud adjacent storage repositories;
  • Flexible high throughput interconnection options;
  • Available no egresscloud storage options.

Oncore delivers managed cloud-adjacent digital infrastructure in line with your cloud data path.


Tech Details


The Solution

  On-premises customer data storage and management infrastructure.
Private interconnection – Equinix Fabric, Data Center Cross Connect, Dedicated Circuit.
Oncore Datastream Edge managed services. Includes Virtual Tape Library and LTO target, routing, security perimeter, and storage.
High performance / low latency cloud interconnection or public cloud platform peering.
Public or private cloud destination storage (object storage – S3, Azure, GCS).


How it works

     On-premises customer data infrastructure is configured Datastream Edge as another tape library and LTO storage target.
Inbound data is staged on Datastream’s local cache. The cache is fully configurable and designed to store multiple LTO tape datasets.
  Cached LTO datasets de-staged into destination storage. Destination storage may be a public cloud data store or Oncore’s Cloud Adjacent Private Storage repository.
Retrieved datasets are streamed from local cache. In the event the requested dataset is not cached, it is rehydrated from destination storage prior to streaming to an on-premises target. 
On-premises data infrastructure receives the requested streamed LTO dataset.