UniversalEdge for Financial Services

Oncore UniversalEdge


De-risk and accelerate the modernization and delivery of digital services to your members and customers.


FSI Interconnected Ecosystem    Performance optimized
Fully Managed Financial Interconnection Platform    Exclusively at Equinix   equinix fortress 200px


UniversalEdge for FSI is a financial and insurance services specialized edition delivering private interconnection to the partner and service provider ecosystem that supports your organization’s digital services.  We remove the complexity of managing interconnection, networking, routing and security while enabling your team to focus on modernizing and delivering digital services to your customers and members.  

UniversalEdge for FSI Interconnected Ecosystem includes:

azure 200px Microsoft Azure     aws 200px Amazon Web Services 
gcp 200px Google Cloud Platform    oracle cloud 200px Oracle Cloud 
veripark 200px Veripark   guidewire 200px Guidewire Software 
fiserv 200px Fiserv   celero 200px Celero
central1 200px Central1   everlink 300px Everlink
valeyo 200px Valeyo      


Delivered as a dedicated private instance, UniversalEdge for FSI natively provides an extensible native security perimeter as part of the service.  Standard security services may be augmented with Oncore-exclusive Cybersecurity extensions powered by Radware or customer-directed design leveraging your preferred security vendors.   UnviersalEdge for FSI has been designed with security in mind and works with all major vendor solutions.  

Oncore UniversalEdge for FSI is your trusted partner in transforming and enabling next-generation digital banking solutions across your organization’s financial services

All UniversalEdge for FSI instances feature:

  • Standard Metro-redundant UniversalRouter and Security Perimeter;
  • Available Metro-diverse configurations;
  • Native adjacency to major public cloud platforms;
  • In-line elastic digital infrastructure services include fractional collocation, data protection, private storage, and Secure Cloud HCI dedicated compute;
  • Fully managed transit engineering and routing;
  • Exclusive complete-path monitoring (UniversalEdge +/- 1 hop);
  • Diversified upstream optimized Internet;
  • On-net with in-market Internet exchanges;
  • Elastic interconnection to your organization’s service providers, networks, and geographies.


System Architecture:

UniversalEdgeFSI 20240130


Available in 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gbit/s capacities, UniversalEdge accelerates private connectivity into your organization's digital financial ecosystem as well as public cloud platforms while preserving and extending established security and governance controls that support compliance and regulatory alignments.