Cloud Foundations

Oncore Cloud Onboard

Accelerate cloud adoption through curated, industry-aligned contexts around data gravity, security, governance, network transit, availability.


Cloud foundations from enterprise-aligned infrastructure perspectives helps assemble provider, carrier, vendor neutral foundations supporting digital transformations.   Together, we dive deep into core elements, reviewing important contexts of current vs. transformed enabled state:

  • Provider comparison and alignment;
  • Application + Data classification;
  • Governance requirements;
  • Financial Reporting;
  • Operations / monitoring / service Management; and
  • Platform evolution.

Organizations are challenged with accelerated velocity of service delivery and complexities of managing availability at scale.  Our cloud onboard methodology aligns enterprise contexts mapping tactical and strategic targets to transformation roadmaps.  Oncore helps de-risk cloud-first digital transformations leveraging our experience and enterprise perspectives across a wide spectrum of industry verticals including financial services, retail, media/entertainment, and healthcare.