Oncore Manaed Hybrid Cloud

Cloud-adjacent enablement of enterprise workloads leveraging established patterns and technologies.


Managed Enterprise-grade compute    Multi-cloud attachment
Private    Dedicated performance



The clouds deliver previously unrealized flexibility, capability and service reach.   As organizations leverage hyper scale-enabled transformation, they often times discover workload and data scenarios that don't natively translate into a cloud-native context.   The Oncore Managed Hybrid Cloud strategically delivers enterprise-aligned enablement including Vmware, HyperV, Openstack adjacent to the public clouds.  

This results in a high performance, low latency environment at the public cloud edge addressing specific workload and data scenario considerations such as:

  • Regulatory / compliance-sensitive data sets;
  • Latency-sensitive workloads;
  • Legacy applications and operating systems;
  • Single-instance, multi-provider attachment;
  • Cloud-native business continuity and recovery;
  • Extend enterprise "gold" images and design patterns into the cloud;
  • Simple cloud-native on boarding / workload transformation.

Oncore hybrid cloud platform natively integrated and extends mainstream automation and DevOps tooling, enabling enterprise-workloads to be extended into the edge of public cloud environments.