SecureCloud is Vmware Cloud Verified!

We’re pleased to announce Oncore SecureCloud is Vmware Cloud Verified. SecureCloud has been helping organizations across a variety of verticals adopt and integrate cloud native platform enablement with established enterprise technology ecosystems.

Part of the Oncore Cloud Adjacent Platform, SecureCloud integrates the very latest VMware enterprise technology ecosystem with SmartOPS automation / workflow orchestration and UniversalEdge high performance interconnection at the very edge of public cloud providers, including Azure, Google, Amazon, IBM and Oracle.  SecureCloud is wrapped around a modern, HTML5 portal featuring standard Vmware OpenAPI integration.


Oncore SecureCloud:

  • Vmware ESX / vSphere - Enterprise virtualization platform
  • Vmware NSX - Next-generation network virtualization and security
  • Vmware VSAN - High performance flash block storage
  • Vmware HCX - Hybrid Cloud Extension
  • Oncore SmartOPS - Enterprise-first orchestration and automation
  • Oncore UniversalEdge - Cloud Access Onramp
  • Oncore SecureStore - Cloud Adjacent Private Storage
  • Oncore SmartProtect - Native data protection and recovery in Azure
  • Oncore SmartRack - High performance, cloud adjacent enterprise collocation


We help organizations accelerate and de-risk digital transformation and modernization programs through our unique blend of hybrid-enabled services. The Oncore Cloud Adjacent Method and Platform are an integrated suite of curated professional and managed services helping organizations naturally extend established methods, governance, security and applications natively into public-cloud environments. We apply infrastructure contexts and proven patterns, helping propel enterprises into their modernized, digital future.

At Oncore, we see the cloud as a necessary disruption, empowering organizations with next-generation digital methods, tooling and services in realizing their modernized future.

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