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** Digital Transformation Summit Exclusive **
Complementary Cloud Environment Review

Get a complementary 90-day review of your Azure or AWS environments via Radware Cloud Native Protector OR Application Vulnerability Analysis to identify critical security risks to deployed web applications and cloud environments.
You’ll gain valuable insights into your production or non-production environments including:
• Resource Misconfiguration;
• Excessive Permissions;
• Threat / Exfiltration / Attack vectors and attempts;
Compliance assessment across standards such as PCI DSS, SOC2, CIS Foundations, and more;
• Determine and analyze OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities like Injection attacks, Cross Site Scripting, Security misconfiguration errors and more;
• Application assessment to identify the extent web application vulnerability to damage done to a web application by automated invalid requests or bad bots;
• Evaluation of Radware’s Cybersecurity solutions.

We’ll provide actual report and remediation outputs for your environment(s), as available natively from the tools.
The integration is simple, entirely transparent and does not affect any other solutions that may be deployed across environments.  Our field team, led by Oncore, will walk through any required configuration.
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